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Drug Rehab Worcestershire

Learning about the different centres available for drug rehab in Worcestershire is absolutely vital if you or a loved one is looking for treatment in the area. There are facilities available in Worcester and Kidderminster. Unfortunately there aren’t many drug treatment centres in Worcestershire, so you may have to travel for treatment. We offer telephone counselling for a small fee, which is a viable option for addicts who won’t undergo serious withdrawal. This removes the cost and inconvenience associated with counselling, and makes it easier to fit treatment into your schedule. Most physical centres for drug rehab in Worcestershire are located in Worcester.

Drug Rehab Kidderminster, Worcestershire

The only drug rehab in Kidderminster operates under harm reduction principles and helps users over the age of 18. The centre operates a needle exchange, designed to remove the risk of blood-borne virus transmission. They can also work with GPs to prescribe substitute or withdrawal management medication in the local community for outpatient detoxification. Users who require it can be referred for housing support. The centre also offers advice and help with the criminal justice system.

Drug Rehab Treatment in Worcester, Worcestershire

There are three options for drug rehab in Worcester. One of these centres offers a comprehensive range of treatments to addicts. They have a needle exchange, and provide advice on safer injecting and reducing the harm associated with drug use. The centre helps patients with both one to one and group counselling, and they can also help the loved ones of drug users. They start treatment with a thorough needs assessment, and then construct an individual care plan based on it. The centre can work with GPs to provide outpatient detoxification.

One of the other options for drug treatment in Worcester works on harm reduction principles and helps users over the age of 18. They also work with GPs in the local community to offer outpatient detoxification, providing medications to help with withdrawal in a convenient location. This centre can also help with the criminal justice system.

The final drug rehab in Worcester works under harm reduction principles, and specialises in helping patients under the age of 19. They offer a wide variety of treatments, and have staff from a wide range of organisations to help users get clean. The centre provides advice and education, and can also help users in the criminal justice system. They work with GPs to provide withdrawal management and substitute medications in the local community. There are also harm reduction services available at this centre.

If you’re struggling to choose a drug rehab in Worcestershire, we offer free advice on the different centres available and can help you reach the right decision. You should have a good understanding of your needs and the different therapeutic models before you make your choice, and we can explain these to you in plain English. The decision you reach regarding drug treatment in Worcestershire can affect how well you or your loved one responds. Our advice is completely free, and we can guide you to the right choice. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!