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Drug Rehab Western Isles

If you’re trying to decide on a centre for drug rehab in the Western Isles, you may struggle to find suitable care. There is just one facility available, and they only provide psychological treatments. Some drugs (such as heroin) are associated with series physical withdrawal symptoms which require medical care. You should find out about the specific drug you or your loved one is abusing to determine what treatments you’ll need. If you can’t travel to Stornoway – the location of the only drug rehab in the Western Isles – we offer telephone counselling, which is a viable treatment option if you don’t need medical care.

Drug Rehab Stornoway, Western Isles

The drug rehab in Stornoway helps users with the psychological aspects of addiction. They specialise in structured counselling, which is designed to help users identify and work through the underlying issues which drive them to drugs. They teach users healthier coping mechanisms, break down negative thought patterns and provide emotional support. The counsellors can also help with additional issues like stress, depression or sexual abuse. They also run a family meditation service to help users combat stress, which is a common contributing factor drug addiction. Anybody is welcome at this centre.

The decision you have to make isn’t easy. The only centre has a limited number of services, and might not be convenient for you to attend. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the other options available to you when you’re looking for drug rehab in the Western Isles, and we can also arrange residential treatment on the mainland if required. Finding treatment is absolutely integral to recovery, and we offer free advice to help you make the right choice.