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Drug Rehab West Sussex

Learning a little about each centre is a good idea if you’re trying to decide on a facility for drug rehab in West Sussex. There are options located across the county, with centres in Crawley, Bognor Regis, Chichester and Worthing. Centres can employ any one of many therapeutic methods, and all offer different services, so you ideally need a good understanding of your needs before you make a decision. It also helps to read up on the different therapeutic models to gain an understanding of their approach.

Drug Rehab Crawley, West Sussex

There are two options for drug rehab in Crawley. One of these is a harm reduction service, which operates as a needle exchange facility and safe disposal location for sharp implements. The other centre offers structured counselling to combat the root causes of addiction and community prescribing to manage the effects of withdrawal and provide substitutes as required. This prescribing is done with the aid of a local GP. They can also refer users to other facilities for day programmes, residential treatment and inpatient detoxification.

Drug Rehab Treatment Programmes Bognor Regis, West Sussex

There are two different centres offering drug rehab in Bognor Regis. One of these starts treatment with a thorough needs assessment, then provides treatment on-site or refers patients to other facilities. They offer harm reduction services and structured counselling on site, and can arrange outpatient detoxification with the help of a local GP. The other drug treatment centre in Bognor Regis also conducts a needs assessment on admission, and then allows patients to choose their own level of treatment. They provide structured day programmes, harm reduction services, help with criminal justice, life skills training and general advice. They can also refer patients to other facilities as required.

Drug Rehab Clinics Chichester, West Sussex

Two centres are offering drug rehab in Chichester. One of these primarily provides advice and information to users of any age, and refers patients to other services as required. They contact most clients through the criminal justice system, and work with the authorities closely to ensure drug users get suitable treatment. The other centre offers both physical and psychological treatments to combat addiction, and can refer patients to inpatient detoxification or residential facilities as required. They offer community prescribing and structured counselling on-site, and their treatment is based on an initial risk assessment.

Drug Rehab Centres Worthing, West Sussex

There are five different options for drug rehab in Worthing. Three of the centres offer harm reduction services like needle exchange as treatment. One of these centres focuses on users who are homeless and don’t have a GP, and they also offer structured counselling and community prescribing to help users get clean. Seriously at-risk patients and pregnant women are referred to additional services. Another harm reduction facility focuses on under 19s, and offers outpatient detoxification, counselling and general advice. They can also refer patients to residential rehab or inpatient detoxification. The final harm reduction drug rehab in Worthing is a needle exchange for over 18s, which also provides advice on harm reduction and structured counselling.

One of the remaining drug treatment centres in Worthing is an arrest referral service, which focuses on users currently in police custody. They offer advice and information, and conduct needs assessments to determine if further treatment is required. Follow-up support and keywork is also provided. The final centre for drug rehab in Worthing is a residential facility for those with a dual diagnosis involving mental health problems. They offer interventions for addiction, and help users get clean through a mixture of one to one counselling and group work. They also train users in relapse prevention, assertiveness and social skills.

If you’re having trouble choosing a specific drug rehab in West Sussex, we offer free advice to help you make the right decision. We will listen to your needs, and suggest the best centres in your local area which offer the services you require. You can ask us any questions about rehabilitation, and we can explain the different therapeutic models and treatments to you in plain English. You shouldn’t go through addiction alone; pick up the phone and see what help we can offer you.