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Drug Rehab South Yorkshire

Finding out about the different options for drug rehab in South Yorkshire helps you make the right decision regarding treatment for you or your loved one. There are facilities available in Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield. Each centre employs a specific therapeutic method and offers different treatments, so you should have a good understanding of your requirements when you make your choice. It also helps to learn a little about the therapeutic model employed by each facility for drug rehab in South Yorkshire.

Drug Rehabilitation Barnsley, South Yorkshire

There are two different centres offering drug rehabilitation in Barnsley. One centre specialises in helping under 18s who use drugs or are concerned about a loved one’s use. They provide structured counselling, advice and help with the criminal justice system. Harm reduction services like needle exchange are also available at this centre, and they can refer users for home-based or inpatient detoxification as required. They have a drop in centre, which operates all day Monday and in the afternoon from Tuesday to Friday.

The other drug rehab in Barnsley is a comprehensive service, offering a wide range of treatments to patients aged over 16. They liaise with GPs to prescribe substitute or withdrawal management medications for outpatient detoxification, and can also provide access to an inpatient facility or residential rehab. Individual keyworkers are available, and they offer motivational help. Special services are available for pre-detox and antenatal patients.

Drug Treatment Rotherham, South Yorkshire

The drug rehab in Rotherham offers a full spectrum of treatments to people of any age. Patients will be assessed during an initial interview at the drop-in centre to determine their specific needs, and then an individualised treatment plan is composed. The centre provides access to all drug rehab services, including structured counselling, inpatient and outpatient detoxification, residential treatment, day programmes, aftercare, advice and harm reduction facilities.

Drug Counselling Sheffield, South Yorkshire

There are five centres available for drug rehab in Sheffield. Two of them are specialist centres which only cater to specific demographics. One is dedicated to young people (18 or under) and operates under harm reduction principles. They provide advice, information and support designed to help young people reduce the risks associated with their use. Structured counselling is also available at this centre. The other specialist service offers advice and information to the friends or family members of drug users. They have weekly support groups, with groups specific to men and bereaved families.

One drug rehabilitation centre in Sheffield caters mainly to people from the north of the city, and offers cognitive behavioural therapy and physical treatments such as community prescribing and inpatient detoxification. They also provide advice at this centre, and help anybody over 16. Another Sheffield drug rehab provides harm reduction services, community prescribing, structured counselling, aftercare and advice to patients aged over 18. They can also refer patients to residential rehab, facilities for inpatient detoxification and places to be tested for blood-borne viruses.

The final drug rehab in Sheffield specialises in structured day programmes. They offer four different phases of treatment, one to help with detoxification, one to help users taking substitute medication, one for fully detoxified patients and an aftercare programme. The phases are of varying lengths, but patients don’t have to attend phases they don’t require. The overall process usually takes around 12 months.

If you’re looking for a drug rehab in South Yorkshire, we provide free advice to help you make the right decision. The different therapeutic models suit different individuals, and each user has a specific set of needs that have to be taken into account. We have a detailed knowledge of all the drug treatment centres in South Yorkshire, and can help you determine which centre is most suitable for your needs. Our advice is completely free, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you.