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Drug Rehab South London

Learning about the services offered by the different centres for drug rehab in South London is important if you or a loved one is looking for treatment in the area. There are centres available in Croydon, Bromley, Richmond, Kingston and Sutton. Finding out about your own or your loved one’s specific requirements and learning about the different therapeutic models helps you reach the right decision.

Drug Rehabilitation Croydon, South London

There are three centres offering drug rehab in Croydon. One of these specialises in inpatient detoxification, and uses Ibogaine to help users get clean. They provide structured counselling, designed to tackle the underlying issues which drove the individual to addiction. Help is available to users over the age of 18 and their families. Another drug rehab in Croydon specialises in residential treatment, offering a supportive environment in which users can overcome addiction. They have day programmes, but only for ex-residential patients.

The final centre offering drug treatment on Croydon only helps users from the local area aged between 14 and 25. They offer harm reduction services such as needle exchange, designed to reduce the risks associated with drug use. Structured counselling is also available at this centre, which lasts as long as the individual needs it.

Drug Treatment Bromley, South London

There is only one drug rehab in Bromley, and it offers a wide range of services to users over the age of 13, with specialist teams dedicated to helping young people and ethnic minority users. The centre offers structured counselling, harm reduction services, day programmes, general advice and a supported housing project designed to help users reintegrate into society. They can refer users who need it to inpatient detoxification or residential treatment centres, and also offer complementary therapies.

Drug Counselling Richmond, South London

The only drug rehab in Richmond offers both psychological and physical treatments to help users aged over 18. The centre provides structured counselling and general advice as psychological help, and incorporates a variety of approaches. They can work with GPs to provide substitute or withdrawal management medications in a local setting. They operate on the philosophy that recovery is a process, not an event.

Drug Services Kingston, South London

There are two centres offering drug rehabilitation in Kingston. One of these primarily offers advice to users involved in the criminal justice system. They can help users with learning difficulties, and visual or hearing impairments. The other centre offers treatments such as structured counselling, day programmes and outpatient detoxification to users of any age. They also have harm reduction services and can refer users to residential or inpatient detoxification facilities if required

Drug Programmes Sutton, South London

There are four centres offering drug rehab in Sutton. Two of these centres specialise in helping young users, and primarily offer counselling as a treatment. One of them focuses on under 18s, and can arrange appointments in a variety of locations. They can liaise with education groups to help users reintegrate into society and GPs to provide medications as needed. The other centre helps people up to the age of 25, and has specialist services for ethnic minority users. They run drug education workshops in schools, and treat patients largely through counselling.

One of the remaining options for drug rehab in Sutton only offers advice to parents who also use drugs. They provide signposting to other services as needed and offer training in social care. The final facility for drug treatment in Sutton operates under harm reduction principles, and also provides general advice. They have a needle exchange, and can offer complementary therapies as required. Both one to one and group counselling are available at this centre.

If you’re having trouble making a decision regarding drug rehab in South London, we can help you find the centre most suited to your needs. We have a thorough knowledge of the services offered by the various centres and can suggest the best options for your situation. We can explain the different therapeutic models in plain English, and ensure that you or your loved one receives suitable care. Our advice is completely free, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you.