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Rehab South Lanarkshire

The decision you make regarding a drug rehab in South Lanarkshire is absolutely vital to ensuring that you or your loved one’s treatment is effective. Different centres provide specific services to users, and often employ specific therapeutic models. You should learn about your requirements and have a basic understanding of the different treatment models before you make your decision. There are only two different centres in the area, and both are located in Hamilton. This means you may have to travel to receive treatment. If neither of the options for drug rehab in South Lanarkshire is suitable, you can travel further afield for treatment, and we also offer telephone counselling for a nominal fee.

Drug Rehabilitation Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

One of the facilities offering drug rehab in Hamilton helps patients aged over 18, and can refer younger patients to a specialist service. The centre provides general advice, and can help users who are currently in the criminal justice system. They also offer structured counselling, which helps people tackle the underlying issues which originally led them to addiction. Aftercare is offered to help those who’ve gone through treatment settle back into society and avoid relapse.

The other option for drug rehab in Hamilton specialises in offering structured day programmes. One is a 12 week programme which combines group counselling sessions with one-to-one keyworking. They also have an individual life skills programme, which helps users identify their life goals and move towards achieving them, as well as working on relapse prevention. Any users over the age of 16 are eligible for treatment at this centre, and aftercare is also available.

If you’re having difficulty deciding on the best option for drug rehab in South Lanarkshire, we provide free advice to help you choose the best centre for your needs. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different centres in the area and across the country, and will suggest the most suitable centres for your circumstances. The decision you have to make isn’t easy, so pick up the phone for some free, professional advice. We’re here to help.