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Drug Rehab Shropshire

Finding out about the different options for drug rehab in Shropshire helps you determine which centre is most suited to yourself or your loved one. There are rehabilitation facilities located in Bridgnorth, Ludlow, Shrewsbury and Telford. Each centre employs a specific therapeutic method and has different treatments available, so you should have a good understanding of your requirements when you make your decision. Shrewsbury and Telford have the most centres for drug rehab in Shropshire.

Drug Rehabilitation Bridgnorth, Shropshire

There is only one drug rehab in Bridgnorth, and it is a residential centre catering exclusively to men between the ages of 20 and 45. The programme takes around nine months to complete, and it consists of one to one psychotherapeutic interventions, work training and education. There is round the clock support to help users overcome their addictions, and the additional training helps them find work after treatment. The average resident leaving this programme will have around 20 widely recognised, accredited qualifications.

Drug Counselling Shropshire

The only drug rehab in Ludlow is a specialist service for young people aged between 16 and 25. It just provides information and advice, so it may not be effective for more serious addictions. The service is operated by trained volunteers, and peer-led education is offered on the subjects of drugs and alcohol. The service is provided to schools, colleges, youth groups and individuals.

Drug Treatment Shrewsbury, Shropshire

There are two different facilities for drug rehabilitation in Shrewsbury. One of these centres is residential, offering a six month programme based around the bio-psycho social model. The service is available for anybody aged between 18 and 60, and aims to offer a wide range of treatments. Each patient is assessed and then an individualised treatment plan is devised. This can include one to one and group counselling, stress management lessons, relapse prevention techniques, 12 step group attendance, acupuncture, massage, art therapy, life skills training and cookery.

The other drug rehab in Shrewsbury offers a comprehensive array of treatments to patients of any age. The service is operated on an outreach basis, so most patients are seen at a location convenient to them. There is also a drop-in centre, open Monday to Friday. They offer harm reduction services such as needle exchange, help with the criminal justice system, day programme, structured counselling, community prescribing (providing substitute or withdrawal management medications through a GP) and general advice. This Shrewsbury drug rehab can also arrange residential rehabilitation and inpatient detoxification.

Drug Services Telford, Shropshire

There are three different centres offering drug rehab in Telford. The first of these centres helps anybody over the age of 18 with issues related to drugs or alcohol. They provide structured counselling, help with criminal justice interventions, community prescribing and harm reduction services. They have a full time counsellor on staff, and a clinical psychologist visits weekly. They can refer patients to inpatient detoxification facilities and residential rehab as required.

Another drug treatment centre in Telford primarily offers advice to the loved ones of drug users, and also encourages users to find proper treatment. They visit local clients in their homes where possible, and provide a signposting service for suitable treatment facilities. There is also a 24 hour helpline. The final drug rehab in Telford offers a wide range of treatments to over 18s. They start treatment with a thorough needs assessment, and then offer help as required. The centre can help with the criminal justice system, provide aftercare and refer patients to residential or inpatient detoxification facilities. They have a needle exchange, offer harm reduction advice and also provide one to one counselling.

If you’re struggling to choose a specific drug rehab in Shropshire, we can help you reach the right decision. We have a detailed knowledge of the facilities available across the county, and can explain their different approaches and treatments to you in simple terms. Addiction places strains on everybody close to the user, and choosing the right treatment centre is an additional worry. We offer free advice to make this process easier, so get in touch and see what help we can offer you.