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Drug Rehab Oxfordshire

Finding out about the different centres in the local area is important if you’re looking for drug rehab in Oxfordshire. All of the facilities are located in Oxford, so you may have to travel for treatment. We offer telephone counselling if you can’t travel, which is an affordable method of treatment suited to those who won’t undergo physical withdrawal. The different drug rehabs in Oxfordshire offer varying services and employ different therapeutic models, so you should have a general understanding of what you need in a centre when you make your choice.

Drug Rehabilitation Oxford, Oxfordshire

There are four centres in total offering drug rehab in Oxford. One facility primarily provides structured counselling based on an individualised plan. Treatment starts with an assessment of each patient’s needs, and then they are provided with relevant support. Therapy is provided once a week for a period of up to 12 weeks. This can focus on things such as stress management, dealing with boredom, relapse prevention and assertiveness. These aim to tackle common issues which drive people to addiction. They have specialist support groups for relapse prevention and addicts’ loved ones. Harm reduction services like needle exchange are also available at this centre.

One drug rehab in Oxford offers residential treatment. Up to 64 patients stay in a residential community, which provides round-the-clock support from both peers and professionals. The programme is rigidly structured, and is abstinence-based. The ordinary length of stay is around a year, and aftercare is provided to help patients reintegrate into society. Residents who successfully complete the programme are consistently able to find work after leaving the centre.

Another drug rehab in Oxford focuses on people who are in the criminal justice system. The organisation is made up of people with personal experience of the issues, and many peer-led programmes are offered. They aim to engage with users on their own level and offer advice to help them overcome any issues they are having. This organisation also offers harm reduction services such as needle exchange to reduce the risks associated with use.

The last option for drug rehab in Oxford provides harm reduction services and help on drug use to people aged between 16 and 25. They specialise in homelessness, and therefore provide services such as laundry, showers and meals. There is also a needle exchange run by fully qualified staff, designed to reduce the risk of blood-borne diseases. People of any age can use these services, but the support and advice offered on drug use is specifically for young people. This centre can refer users to other facilities if required. They also have day activities and an IT suite on site.

Choosing a specific centre for drug rehab in Oxfordshire can be a difficult process, but we can help you reach the right decision. We have a detailed knowledge of the services available in the area, and can explain the options to you in plain English. The decision you make regarding drug treatment can often make the difference between relapse and continued abstinence, so it shouldn’t be rushed. Our service is absolutely free, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you.