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Drug Rehab Nottinghamshire

Finding out about the different facilities available in the local area is absolutely vital to choosing a specific drug rehab in Nottinghamshire. There are numerous facilities throughout the county, located in Kirkby in Ashfield, Mansfield and Nottingham. Each centre employs a specific therapeutic model and offers different treatments, so it’s important to have an understanding of your requirements before you make a decision. Most facilities for drug rehabilitation in Nottinghamshire are located in Nottingham.

Drug Rehabilitation Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire

There is only one drug rehab in Kirkby in Ashfield, and it is a specialist centre catering to women. They help women over the age of 18, and can assist younger patients if they are pregnant. They primarily provide advice on a wide range of issues, including housing, domestic violence and emotional or health-related problems. They offer structured counselling for drugs, focusing on harm reduction, detoxification and maintaining abstinence.

Drug Treatment Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

There are two different centres available for drug rehab in Mansfield. One of the centres caters for under 18s, with aftercare available for anybody up to the age of 21. Treatments are catered to the age group, taking their specific developmental needs into account. They provide help with criminal justice, structured counselling and general advice relating to drug abuse. The centre works with GPs to offer substitute medications and ones which help manage the symptoms of withdrawal.

The other drug treatment facility in Mansfield offers a comprehensive range of treatments to over 18s. Treatment starts with a thorough needs assessment, and then an individualised care plan is devised. This is likely to include advice and structured counselling to help overcome the psychological elements of addiction, and physical treatments as required. They can work with GPs to offer community prescribing, have facilities for inpatient detoxification and can refer patients to residential facilities. They also offer harm reduction services such as needle exchange.

Drug Counselling Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

There are several facilities for drug rehab in Nottingham. Four of the centres offer structured day programmes, with one of these being a primarily residential facility. The residential rehab can arrange in-patient detoxification, and then patients move in for a four to six week treatment. The day programmes incorporate both one to one and group therapy. Another day programme facility provides structured counselling, harm reduction services and help with criminal justice interventions. They can also provide inpatient detoxification at this facility, but only cater to over 18s.

One of the structured day programme providers only offers an advice-based service. They assess patient’s needs on admission, and then compose an individual care plan which guides the treatment. Treatment large consists of advice on education, employment and general life skills designed to help the user reintegrate into society. The final centre only operates as a day programme, consisting of courses on things like relapse prevention, life skills, creative arts and sexual health. This Nottingham drug rehab also provides access to complementary therapies.

The remainder of the drug treatment facilities in Nottingham offer harm reduction services. One of these centres focuses on people aged 18 or under and their loved ones. They provide help with criminal justice interventions, structured counselling and aftercare, aside from harm reduction services such as needle exchange. The other harm reduction centres offer help to adults. One service provides needle exchange and acupuncture through a drop-in service, and can refer patients to additional care where required. The final drug rehab in Nottingham focuses on blood-borne viruses, and offers hepatitis B vaccinations, and testing. They also have counselling, and can refer patients to other facilities if necessary.

If you’re struggling to choose a drug rehab in Nottinghamshire, we can guide you to the correct decision. We have a thorough knowledge of the different facilities available, and can explain the options to you clearly and simply. Getting the right type of care is vital to successful treatment, so it’s important you consider the options carefully. Our advice is absolutely free, so get in touch and let us help you find the right centre.