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Drug Rehab North Lanarkshire

Finding out about the different centres in the local area is important when you’re choosing a drug rehab in North Lanarkshire. You need a good understanding of which services you or your loved one is likely to require, so you should do a bit of research before you make your decision. The centres in the area are located in Motherwell and Coatbridge. They offer different treatments, and can employ specific therapeutic models – so they aren’t all suited for any user. You should also read about the different models used to treat addiction, to make sure the methods will be agreeable to you or your loved one.

Drug Rehabilitation Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire

There are two different centres which provide drug rehab in Coatbridge. One of them specifically helps opiate users and is a harm reduction centre. Instead of forcing users who don’t want it into abstinence, harm reduction centres focus on curbing the potential dangers of drug use by offering things like blood-borne virus testing and needle exchanges. They also work with GPs to provide outpatient detoxification, where substitute or withdrawal medicines are prescribed in the local community. They help anybody aged 16 or over, including pregnant users.

The other drug rehab in Coatbridge also offers outpatient detoxification. The centre additionally has structured counselling, however, which is integral to the treatment of virtually all cases of drug addiction. It aims to tackle the underlying issues which drive people to use drugs, and teaches new coping mechanisms and helps to stop harmful behaviour patterns. They also have a facility for residential treatment, which offers users 24 hour support in a positive environment. You do need a referral to attend treatment at this centre, and you also must have a GP. This service is available to users aged 16 or over.

Drug Treatment Motherwell, North Lanarkshire

The drug rehab in Motherwell provides treatments based on cognitive behavioural therapy. They have both physical and psychological treatments, so the centre is suitable for the vast majority of users. Harm reduction services are available, as well as structured counselling. The centre also offers both inpatient and outpatient detoxification. Outpatient detoxification is provided with the aid of a GP, and inpatients are monitored throughout and given medical support as required. Users aged 16 and over are eligible to attend this centre, but a referral is required.

If you’re having trouble choosing a drug rehab in North Lanarkshire, we offer free advice which can help you reach the right decision. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different centres in the local area, and can suggest the best options for your requirements. The decision you make regarding a specific centre is important to your own or your loved ones recovery, so it’s helpful to have some professional assistance. Don’t struggle through this alone; pick up the phone and get in touch with us for some free help!