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Drug Rehab Merseyside

There is a vast array of options available for drug rehab in Merseyside, so learning about each can help you make the right decision for your own or your loved one’s treatment. The centres are located in Bootle, Huyton, Liverpool, Newton-le-Willows, Southport and St. Helens. Each one employs a specific therapeutic method and offers different treatments.

Drug Rehabilitation Bootle, Merseyside

The only drug rehab in Bootle offers residential care to 13 males at a time, aged between 17 and 35. The sober atmosphere and liaison with other drug groups help users get clean. The drug treatment facility in Bootle also offers vocational training in IT, horticulture, catering and woodwork-related occupations.

Drug Programmes Huyton, Merseyside

There is only one option for drug rehab in Huyton. The centre offers harm reduction services such as needle exchange, structured day programmes, help with the criminal justice system, community prescribing (for outpatient detoxification) and aftercare. This centre helps users over 18 years of age.

Drug Treatment Liverpool, Merseyside

There are myriad different centres for drug rehabilitation in Liverpool. Five of the centres offer advice as their main service. These have different specialisations, but most of them offer advice on any issue relating to drug or alcohol abuse. One centre focuses specifically on people aged 17 or under who’ve been arrested, and another is suited to people addicted to tranquilisers or antidepressants (and is also a telephone counselling service). Another advice-based drug rehab in Liverpool gives users the chance to get a job as community drug prevention workers. One of the advice-based centres also has detoxification facilities and blood borne virus testing.

There are also five options for harm reduction-based drug rehab in Liverpool. Harm reduction centres offer things like blood borne virus testing and needle exchange to reduce the risks associated with drug use. One of the harm reduction services in Liverpool focuses on those aged 17 or under, and another is suited to opiate users and can refer patients to additional services as required. One of the centres has a specialist stimulant worker and the last two take patients of any age and operate as drop-in centres.

A few of the harm reduction centres also offer structured counselling, which is designed to tackle the root causes of addiction. Structured counselling can also be found at a few other centres for drug rehab in Liverpool. One of these centres is a supported housing project, offering residential rehabilitation to families affected by parental drug use. Another centre which provides counselling focuses on users aged 17 or under and uses cognitive behavioural principles in its treatment. The last structured counselling centre only takes patients over the age of 18, but constructs an individualised care plan for each one to ensure they receive the right treatment.

There are also several drug treatment centres in Liverpool which can help with the physical aspects of addiction. One of these centres has six different offices across the city, and offers community prescribing and inpatient detoxification. One of the harm reduction centres also has facilities for community prescribing, which is when drug rehab centres liaise with GPs to provide outpatient detoxification.

There is only one drug rehab in Liverpool offering a structured day programme. This centre focuses on helping users find their way back into employment, incorporating courses like the labour market initiative, accredited qualifications and access to mainstream training. They also offer specialist training on drugs, alcohol and sexual health.

Drug Counselling Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside

There are two possibilities for drug rehab in Newton-le-Willows. One of these centres offers community prescribing and harm reduction services to over 18s, with a specialist focus on those who are pregnant or are suffering from blood borne diseases. They can also refer patients to residential programs or inpatient detoxification facilities as required. The other drug treatment centre in Newton-le-Willows offers similar services, but also has aftercare and structured counselling.

Drug Services Southport, Merseyside

The only drug rehab in Southport has a drop in facility and arranges allocated appointments for drug users of any age from the local area. They offer advice, harm reduction services, community prescribing and structured counselling. These services are provided by a community-based team.

St. Helens, Merseyside

The drug treatment centre in St. Helens provides a variety of services to drug users over the age of 18. They offer advice, harm reduction, community prescribing, counselling and aftercare. Opiate users are prescribed substitutes, and serious cases are referred for residential care or inpatient detoxification. They operate a 24 hour helpline and the centre works on an open access policy.

There are a multitude of options for drug rehab in Merseyside, so making the right decision isn’t always easy. The different centres offer specific treatments and use varying models for addiction. We can explain the options to you in simple terms and help you work out which centre is most suited for yourself or your loved one. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the centres available across Merseyside, and can give you free advice to help you make the right choice.