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Drug Rehab Ireland

Drug Rehab Ltd offers Drug Rehab Ireland and through out the UK. We pride ourselves in being with our clients from the moment they pcik up the phone, right through treatment and aftercare into full recovery. We have many years experience of treating drug addiction and admissions into drug rehab and drug detox.

Not only do we support the client, but we are also on hand to support families and loved ones of addicts too. Our telephones are manned 24/7 with fully qualified counsellors to help you through crisis. This service is offered to you free of charge, as a part of our mission statement to dedicate our professional career to helping those still suffering to recover.

Drug Rehab Ltd is a bespoke service, designed to tailor make the perfect treatment episode for you. We have listed some of the many treatment options available in Ireland, but please do call our counselling team for your FREE psychological evaluation and clinical assessment.

Drug Rehab Ireland
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