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Drug Rehab Hertfordshire

Learning about the different centres available and the different treatments offered by each is absolutely vital if you are considering drug rehab in Hertfordshire. There aren’t many different centres offering drug rehab in Hertfordshire, with the five separate options found in Stevenage, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford and Hitchin. Each has specific services, so understanding what you need in a facility can help you make the right decision. Finding out about the various therapeutic models employed by drug treatment centres in Hertfordshire can also help you reach a decision.

Drug Rehabilitation Hertford, Hertfordshire

There is only one centre offering drug rehab in Hertford. The centre in Hertford works on harm reduction principles, and is therefore primarily concerned with reducing the risks presented by drug use. The centre operates a needle exchange, to prevent disease from being transmitted through dirty needles. They offer complementary therapies at the drug treatment facility in Hertford, and aim to provide a holistic service. They provide structured, therapeutic counselling to help individuals tackle the issues which drove them to drugs originally. If you’re looking for other drug treatment in Hertford, the centre refers anybody particularly at risk to higher level services. They can help anybody over the age of 16.

Drug Counselling Hitchin, Hertfordshire

The only option for drug rehabilitation in Hitchin combines counselling with harm reduction to help people get clean or at least reduce the risks associated with their use. The centre has a needle exchange, and can refer at-risk patients to additional services nearby. At the drug rehab in Hitchin, they offer drug users advice and information, general support and have a drop-in facility. They have one to one counselling, and also help the loved ones of drug users. The centre doesn’t have facilities for inpatient detoxification, and they don’t offer community prescribing. This means that the drug treatment centre in Hitchin isn’t really suitable for addicts who will undergo serious physical withdrawal.

Drug Treatment Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

There is only one drug rehab in Hemel Hempstead. It offers a wide range of services, including harm reduction, help with criminal justice and aftercare. You can also find residential rehabilitation at the drug treatment centre in Hemel Hempstead. They have a structured day programme for people who don’t want residential treatment, and offer structured counselling too. Aftercare is also available to help users re-integrate into society and avoid relapse.

Drug Programmes Stevenage, Hertfordshire

There are two different centres available if you’re looking for drug treatment in Stevenage. One of the centres is another branch of the centre found in Hitchin. They also have an additional facility in Royston. This Stevenage drug rehab works on harm reduction principles, offering services like needle exchange and condoms to reduce the risk of infectious disease. They conduct an assessment of each patient, and can then suggest a withdrawal or reduction plan which suits them. This drug treatment facility in Stevenage can liaise with GPs to offer medication to help with detoxification. They take any patient, and also provide structured counselling and aftercare.

The other drug rehab in Stevenage offers a wider range of services. They help patients over 16 years of age with advice, structured counselling and a harm reduction service. This drug treatment centre in Stevenage works with GPs to offer community prescribing; locally providing medication to help with withdrawal. They also have facilities for medically monitored inpatient detoxification, and provide additional care after their patients’ counselling and treatment is concluded. If you’re looking for drug rehabilitation in Stevenage, this centre is likely to have what you need.

Choosing a specific drug rehab in Hertfordshire can be challenging because of the limited number of options available. However, all of the drug treatment centres in Hertfordshire offer harm reduction services and counselling, which are suitable for most users. If you or your loved one will have a serious withdrawal, then your choices are more limited. We have a detailed knowledge of the different treatment centres in your local area and we can help you make the right decision. Our advice is completely free, so pick up the phone and let us help you find the perfect centre for your needs.