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Drug Rehab Hampshire

Finding out about the different options available is important if you or a loved one needs drug treatment in Hampshire. There are several centres which offer drug rehab in Hampshire, and each has different services and employs specific therapeutic models. It helps if you have a basic understanding of what you need from treatment and the different models applied to addiction when you’re choosing a drug rehab in Hampshire.

Drug Rehabilitation Basingstoke, Hampshire

There is only one option for drug rehab in Basingstoke, and it offers a wide range of services. Treatment starts with an assessment of the patient’s needs, and then they provide the services required, either through their own centre or by referral to others. The drug treatment facility in Basingstoke primarily operates on harm reduction principles, with services such as needle exchange, and also offers structured counselling and community prescribing.

Drug Counselling Droxford, Hampshire

The drug treatment centre in Droxford is primarily residential, but it does have some slots available for non-residential clients. Patients’ needs are assessed during the first phase of treatment, and then the programme moves onto personal development. The drug rehab in Droxford has facilities for inpatient detoxification, and offers structured day programmes to help users get clean. They also provide aftercare, with a re-entry house available while clients are reintegrating into society. Anybody aged 18 to 65 is eligible for treatment in the Droxford drug rehabilitation centre.

Drug Treatment Eastleigh, Hampshire

One of the two options for drug rehab in Eastleigh offers services such as residential rehabilitation, structured counselling, aftercare, community prescribing and helps with criminal justice. Their clinical psychologists assess individual patients, and then arrange treatment. This drug treatment centre in Eastleigh offers residential rehab, but prefers patients on a non-residential basis. They use a variety of approaches, including cognitive behavioural therapy. The other drug rehab in Eastleigh mainly offers one-to-one counselling with the aim of supporting people making positive changes in their life. They prioritise people who are at especially high risk or have children under 18. They also offer harm reduction services at this Eastleigh drug rehabilitation centre.

Drug Services Fareham, Hampshire

If you’re looking for drug rehabilitation in Fareham, there is only one facility available. They open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and offer a semi-structured day programme, advice and aftercare. The day programme encompasses harm reduction, relapse prevention and personal development. Anybody over 18 can attend the drug rehab in Fareham.

Drug Programmes Portsmouth, Hampshire

There are three centres available which offer drug rehabilitation in Portsmouth. One centre offers community-based treatment for young people, with nurses, health promoters and social workers visiting under 18s in non-clinical settings. They prescribe substitutes, help with detoxification and offer counselling. Another drug rehab in Portsmouth offers a structured day programme for drug users, and has links to other agencies so patients can obtain additional help if required. The centre offers one-to-one counselling sessions and specialist services for women.

The final drug treatment centre in Portsmouth offers non-medicated detoxification in a maritime environment. There is a supportive, controlled atmosphere to help users get clean. This drug rehab in Portsmouth also offers structured counselling in a day patient setting. Patients are assessed on admission to determine the specific treatments required.

Drug Clinics Southampton, Hampshire

There are three centres offering drug treatment in Southampton. Two of the centres for drug rehab in Southampton largely offer advice to 13-25 year olds. One centre offers advice alone, hoping to teach life skills, improve social skills and boost self esteem. This could be helpful to some users, but if the addiction is serious more help is likely to be needed. The other centre has specialists in drugs, and also offers structured counselling.

The last drug rehab in Southampton also focuses on under 25s, but offers services in addition to advice and counselling. They also have community prescribing, which offer substitute drugs and withdrawal management drugs through local medical services. Patients have to be specifically referred to this Southampton drug treatment centre.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, choosing the right drug rehab in Hampshire can be a bewildering process. We understand that you have a lot going on in your life, and offer free advice to help you reach the right decision. We have a detailed knowledge of the drug treatment centres in Hampshire, and can explain the different treatments and therapeutic models to you. If you’re struggling to find the most suitable drug rehabilitation programme in Hampshire, we’re here to help.