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Drug Rehab Manchester

Finding out about the different options available for drug rehab in Greater Manchester is vital to making a decision regarding a specific centre. There are a few different options for drug rehabilitation in Greater Manchester, in Manchester, Wythenshawe, Oldham and Ramsbottom. They offer different services, so it’s important to consider your own or your loved one’s specific needs when choosing a drug treatment centre in Greater Manchester.

Drug Rehabilitation Manchester, Greater Manchester

There are three centres offering drug rehab in Manchester. One of the possible options is based in Trafford, and is solely for those living in Trafford or signed up with a Trafford GP. On top of this, they offer priority service to those addicted to stimulant drugs. They provide information, counselling, aftercare and community prescribing. For non-stimulants (depressants or hallucinogens), this drug treatment centre in Manchester has drop-in sessions, a needle exchange, acupuncture or black box treatments, and a women’s group. With stimulants, they conduct an assessment and then construct a care plan, incorporating the above and referring to other services as required.

The other two options for drug rehabilitation in Manchester have different specialisations. One of the centres is concerned with sexual health and the prevention of HIV, working with sex workers and drug users out of a mobile trailer. They offer needle exchange and condoms as a form of harm prevention. This Manchester drug rehab also provides advice, counselling and help with criminal justice. The final choice for drug treatment in Manchester focuses on the homeless, offering structured day programmes and advice to get them off the street and into work. They can help with drug addiction, but don’t specialise in it.

Drug Treatment Oldham, Greater Manchester

There is only one option for drug rehabilitation in Oldham. The centre offers a wide range of services, including residential rehabilitation, one to one sessions, group sessions, links to employment and education, criminal justice interventions and aftercare. This service is available to people of any age, gender and most sets of circumstances. Service users get specific care plans and have named keyworkers on hand to help them at this drug rehab in Oldham.

Drug Counselling Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester

The only drug rehab in Ramsbottom offers men a programme to help them integrate back into society. It’s a residential drug rehab centre, which offers group and individual therapy based around therapeutic community principles. The drug treatment centre in Ramsbottom aims to get users clean and then back into work. They provide on-site education and vocational training, and residents have to contribute towards the daily running of the centre. The drug rehab in Ramsbottom also encourages volunteering within the local community.

Drug Services Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester

The drug treatment centre in Wythenshawe offers a variety of services to help drug users get clean. They offer a drop-in centre six days per week, and have special lunch and breakfast clubs to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The drug rehab in Wythenshawe operates a needle exchange, and assesses all new clients to see which services they require. As needed, they will offer group therapy, one to one counselling, electro stimulation therapy and diversionary activities. They take anybody aged 16 or over at this Wythenshawe drug rehabilitation centre.

If you’re struggling to come to a decision regarding a specific drug rehab in Greater Manchester, we offer free advice and can help you make the right choice. The different facilities for drug rehabilitation in Greater Manchester employ specific therapeutic models and offer various services. We can explain the options to you in simple language and answer any questions you might have about treatment. Our service is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!