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Drug Rehab Fife

Learning about the options available to you when you’re looking for drug rehab in Fife is an important step towards finding the right treatment. There are only facilities available in Kirkcaldy and Leven; so many users will have to travel for treatment. We provide telephone counselling, which removes the costs and inconvenience associated with travel but still provides sufficient treatment for many cases of addiction. You should learn about the different treatment models and have a good understanding of your requirements when you choose a drug rehab in Fife.

Drug Rehabilitation Kirkcaldy, Fife

There are three different centres offering drug rehab in Kirkcaldy. One centre helps any users aged 16 or over, and accepts self-referred patients. They offer counselling as their primary form of treatment, and combine one to one and group support to help users overcome the issues which drove them to addiction. They also have volunteers who offer additional help, and the centre provides advice on any issue related to drug use.

Another option for drug treatment in Kirkcaldy specialises in helping pregnant women who are abusing substances. They assist women of any age, and aim to achieve the best outcome for their babies by stabilising the mother’s use. The centre has facilities for inpatient detoxification, which is medically supervised to ensure safe withdrawal, or can work with a GP to prescribe substitute or withdrawal management medications in a local setting. They try to keep family units together by working with various agencies and also encourage mothers to breast feed. Counselling and advice are offered by the centre to help women overcome the underlying issues which lead them to drugs.

The final drug rehab in Kirkcaldy is a specialist centre for young people in the area aged under 25. The centre provides structured counselling and general advice to help users tackle their addiction. All services are tailored towards young people, and take their specific needs and requirements into account. Drug addiction is the focus of the treatment, but they also help patients with issues related to general well-being and their lifestyle. This ensures that the other damaging patterns which often accompany drug use are identified and dealt with properly.

Drug Treatment Leven, Fife

There is only one centre offering drug rehab in Leven. They can help users of any age, and first and foremost provide advice, information and support to anybody affected by their own or somebody else’s drug use. Counselling is the only treatment offered, so users who will undergo serious physical withdrawal are likely to need additional support during detoxification. However, counselling alone is suitable for users addicted to less physically dangerous drugs. Support is also available for users currently involved with the criminal justice system.

If you’re struggling to choose a specific centre for drug rehab in Fife, we can help guide you to the right decision. The different centres serve specific clientele, offer unique collections of services and employ their preferred therapeutic model. We can explain these models to you, and will listen to your requirements to determine which services you need. Professional guidance ensures you get the right care, and makes it more likely that the intervention will be a success. Our advice is completely free, so please get in touch and see what we can do for you.