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Drug Rehab Essex

Finding the right drug rehab in Essex can be a difficult process, so learning about your options is important before you make a decision. There are several drug treatment centres in Essex, in Chelmsford, Colchester, Grays, Harlow, Pitsea and Westcliff on Sea. Learning a little about the different therapeutic methods used in rehabilitation can help you reach the right decision. Most of the options for drug rehabilitation in Essex are located in Chelmsford.

Drug Rehabilitation Chelmsford, Essex

There are three drug treatment centres in Chelmsford. One of them primarily provides a 28-day residential programme, which incorporates counselling, day programme activities and detoxification. They take any clients over the age of 18, and also provide aftercare. Another centre suitable for drug rehabilitation in Chelmsford offers counselling that can help people overcome addiction, and also only takes clients over 18.

The last drug rehab in Chelmsford is specifically for under 18s addicted to drugs and their loved ones. It starts treatment with an assessment of the patient’s needs, and then provides counselling, structured day programmes and community outreach as needed. They also offer harm reduction services, help with criminal justice interventions and give advice.

Drug Treatment Colchester, Essex

There is only one option for drug rehab in Colchester. It offers holistic therapies to people over the age of 16 struggling with drugs. They provide structured counselling, harm reduction services and aftercare. Harm reduction services encompass things like needle exchange, which are designed to reduce the risks associated with drug use. If you are looking for drug treatment on Colchester, this centre is suitable for users who don’t need medical care during withdrawal.

Drug Services Grays, Essex

The drug treatment centre in Grays offers a full spectrum of treatments, making it suitable for most users. It starts treatment with a thorough assessment of the patient’s needs, and then arranges a treatment plan based on those needs. At the drug rehab in Grays, users can receive counselling, residential rehabilitation and detoxification, community prescribing, cognitive behavioural therapy and substitutes such as methadone. The combination of physical and psychological support makes this Grays drug rehab suitable for most addictions.

Drug Counselling n Harlow, Essex

There are two different options for drug rehabilitation in Harlow. One of the centres offers primarily advice and structured counselling, and has special facilities for children affected by their parent’s substance abuse. The other drug rehab in Harlow has a much more comprehensive treatment programme, starting with a needs-focused assessment of the patient’s requirements. They then liaise with GPs to provide prescriptions as needed, and use a combination of one to one and group therapy to overcome the issues that drove the person to addiction. They work specifically on relapse prevention and can liaise with other agencies as required. This drug treatment centre in Harlow also helps friends and families of drug users.

Drug Programmes Westcliff on Sea, Essex

There is only one option for drug rehabilitation in Westcliff on Sea. They help people under the age of 19, and can provide harm reduction services, structured counselling, community prescribing and advice. They also have ties with other services, so they can also arrange inpatient detoxification and residential rehabilitation. The drug rehab in Westcliff on Sea works with young offenders, schools and youth services to help drug abusers get clean.

Pitsea, Essex

The only drug rehab in Pitsea offers the majority of treatments required by most drug users. It works with GPs to provide community prescribing during withdrawal, and has a staff of doctors, nurses, social workers and counsellors. They can help with criminal justice interventions and provide harm reduction services, structured counselling, structured day programmes and aftercare. The drug treatment centre in Pitsea uses a needs-based approach, so individuals always receive the right treatments.

If you’re struggling to choose a drug rehab in Essex, we provide free advice that can help you reach the right decision. Different centres employ different therapeutic models, and we can explain the options to you to help you pick the right treatment. We understand that addiction is a difficult time for everybody affected, and we are here to help. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!