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Drug Rehab East London

Finding out about the different options for drug rehab East London is useful if you or a loved one is considering treatment in the area. There are a multitude of centres offering rehabilitation services in the area, located in Redbridge, Havering, Greenwich, Hackney, Lewisham, Newham and Tower Hamlets. Learn about the drug you or your loved one is abusing and its specific complications before you make a decision regarding treatment. It can also help to have an understanding of the different therapeutic models before you choose a drug rehab in East London.

Drug Rehab Clinics Redbridge, East London

There are three centres offering drug rehab in Redbridge. Two of these primarily offer counselling and advice to address the underlying psychological issues which drove the user to addiction. One operates on a drop-in basis and works with users aged 16 or over. The other centre specialises in helping young people aged between 11 and 21, and treats patients through 12 sessions of counselling. The final option for drug treatment in Redbridge is a residential, Christian centre which has rooms for eight men aged between 18 and 45. The programme starts with three months in London, and then patients relocate to Wales for around a year for a structured day programme.

Drug Rehabilitation in Havering, East London

The only option for drug rehab in Havering is a centre which works in partnership with GPs. They can provide substitute medications or ones to aid withdrawal in a local setting, and have harm reduction facilities such as needle exchange. They offer screening and immunisation for hepatitis and testing for HIV, and can help users aged 16 or over. They also provide counselling at this centre.

Drug Treatment Greenwich, East London

There are two facilities for drug rehabilitation in Greenwich. Both of these centres offer a fairly comprehensive service. One of the centres helps users over the age of 16 with harm reduction services, structured counselling, and inpatient or outpatient detoxification. The other drug treatment centre in Greenwich takes clients over the age of 18 and largely focuses on structured day programmes. This incorporates both one to one and group counselling and a variety of modules. They also have harm reduction services, provide aftercare and help with the criminal justice system.

Drug Counselling Hackney, East London

Seven different centres provide drug rehab in Hackney. Three of them largely treat patients through structured counselling. One of these centres helps any users over the age of 16, and uses both individual and group counselling. They can also assist with criminal justice interventions and offer aftercare. The other two counselling-based centres focus on young people. One takes patients between the ages of 11 and 21 and also provides training. The last one helps users up to the age of 19 and has links to the youth offenders’ team, social services, education providers and mental health services.

Two of the options for drug rehabilitation in Hackney focus on structured day programmes. One of these centres specialises in treating crack users, and uses support groups extensively. The other one helps any users over 16 and also has harm reduction facilities. They have special groups for cannabis and crack users, and offer relapse prevention groups for everybody. One of the remaining drug treatment centres in Hackney is a crisis intervention centre for crack-cocaine users. They use a 21-day residential programme based around therapeutic counselling to help addicts. The final centre is a comprehensive service which starts treatment with a thorough needs assessment and then offers care based on the individual’s needs. The treatments are either provided on-site or through a referral to another centre.

Drug Services Lewisham, East London

There are two centres offering drug rehab in Lewisham. One of these centres works on harm reduction principles, providing things like needle exchange and advice designed to minimise the risks associated with drug use. They have a drop in centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can work with GPs to offer outpatient detoxification. The other centre offers a residential programme coupled with an aftercare service. The first half of treatment is intensive, with inpatient detoxification and round-the-clock support, and the second half focus on life skills designed to help users reintegrate into society.

Drug Programmes in Newham, East London

There are three options for drug rehab in Newham. One of these helps users aged between 12 and 21 with structured counselling and general advice, and can also help friends and family members of addicts. Another centre focuses on over 18s who are already abstinent, and offers structured day programmes, counselling and aftercare. The final centre is a more comprehensive service geared towards women aged over 18. It offers help with the criminal justice system, harm reduction facilities, structured counselling and outpatient detoxification. 

Drug Treatment Centres Tower Hamlets, East London

There are six centres in total offering drug rehab in Tower Hamlets. Two of these services are harm reduction centres which also offer advice. One of them has specialist facilities for the homeless, and the other helps anyone over the age of 18 and can also assist with criminal justice. There is a residential drug treatment centre in Tower Hamlets, which incorporates group and one to one counselling and works under the principles of the 12 step programme.

Two of the remaining options for drug rehab in Tower Hamlets help users through counselling and general support. One of these focuses on young women who are using, and the other is geared towards family therapy. The family therapy centre provides an open forum in a supportive environment for families to work through issues, and adults can attend sessions alone too. The young women’s centre operates a drop-in service. The final drug treatment facility in Tower Hamlets offers a comprehensive range of treatments to users over the age of 18, including outpatient detoxification, counselling and harm reduction services.

If you are having difficulty making a decision regarding a drug rehab centre in East London, we can help you make the right decision. We have a detailed knowledge of the different facilities available, and can explain the options to you in plain English. Different users have different needs, and we can help you match the right centre to yourself or your loved ones requirements. Our advice is completely free, so get in touch and see how we can help you.