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Drug Rehab Durham

If you’re trying to find a suitable drug treatment centre in Durham, learning about the different centres available and the treatments they offer can help you make a decision. There are numerous options for drug rehabilitation in Durham, with offerings in Hartlepool, the city of Durham, Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe, Peterlee, Chester-le-street and Stockton on Tees. Each drug rehab in Durham has different treatments and services available, so it’s important to have an understanding of what you’re looking for.

Drug Rehabilitation Hartlepool, Durham

There are two options for drug rehabilitation in Hartlepool. One of these centres helps drug users of up to 18 with advice, harm reduction services, community prescribing and criminal justice interventions. They have one-to-one help, and also offer their services as part of an outreach programme. The other drug rehab in Hartlepool is actually located in the same building, but offers harm reduction and advice to people of any age. They have things like a needle exchange, which reduces the risk of infection for intravenous injectors. If you’re looking for residential drug treatment in Hartlepool – or even structured day programmes – there aren’t any options available.

Drug Clinics Durham, Durham

If you’re looking for drug rehab in Durham city, there are two different centres available. One is a service which focuses on pregnant people and those with mental health problems. It takes people of any age, and offers community prescribing and harm reduction services. This Durham drug treatment centre can assess patients to determine whether they require inpatient detoxification and refer them to a residential rehab if necessary. They also offer counselling and complementary therapies like aromatherapy. The other drug rehab in Durham is primarily concerned with criminal justice, and helping people currently in the system get the treatment they need. They work with prisons and probation officers to arrange suitable treatment for their clients.

Drug Counselling Bishop Auckland, Durham

There is only one option available for drug treatment in Bishop Auckland, but it provides a wide range of services. It has links to other agencies, so they can ordinarily refer people to a suitable facility if required. The only drug rehab in Bishop Auckland provides services such as structured counselling, day programs, harm reduction, help with criminal justice interventions, community prescribing, residential rehabilitation and inpatient detoxification. The Bishop Auckland drug rehabilitation centre helps men and women of any age, and also offers support to affected loved ones.

Drug Services Newton Aycliffe, Durham

There are a wide range of treatments available at the only drug rehab in Newton Aycliffe. The centre works in partnership with several different organisations and agencies, and only provides evidence-based treatments. If you’re looking for drug treatment in Newton Aycliffe, the only centre there should be able to set you up with the right programme. They conduct a needs assessment, and then construct a personalised care plan based on that information.

Drug Treatment Peterlee, Durham

The drug treatment centre in Peterlee also provides a wide range of services through links with other organisations. They offer inpatient detoxification, residential care, day programmes, counselling and have a specialist steroid clinic. They work with GPs so medications (such as opiate substitutes) can be given locally and conveniently. The drug rehab in Peterlee helps anybody over 18.

Chester-le-Street, Durham

If you need drug rehabilitation in Chester-le-Street, you only have one choice. The drug rehab in Chester-le-Street is a harm minimisation service, which offers services like needle exchange to help reduce the risks associated with use. They have a special service for people who use performance-enhancing drugs like steroids. Several tests are conducted on admission, and patients are vaccinated for hepatitis B. They deliver clean needles to various centres, pharmacies and other agencies to help curb the spread of disease. The drug treatment centre in Chester-le-Street might not be enough for some addicts, because harm minimisation doesn’t focus on abstinence

Stockton on Tees , Durham

The only drug rehab in Stockton on Tees is a support centre for addicts and their loved ones. They offer structured counselling, day programmes, harm reduction services and information. The drug treatment centre in Stockton on Tees offers drop in counselling sessions and help with other areas of life, such as back to work skills and education.

If you’re struggling to make a decision regarding a specific drug rehab in Durham, we can help you find the right centre for your needs. We have a detailed knowledge of the different options available and can explain the options to you in plain English. Drug rehabilitation is a challenging process for everybody involved, and choosing the right treatment is yet another worry in a difficult time. Let us alleviate that concern with some free, professional advice on your situation.