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Drug Rehab Devon

If you or a loved one is looking for drug rehab in Devon, learning about the different treatments and services offered by the various centres helps you make a decision. There are numerous drug treatment centres in Devon, located in Barnstaple, Bideford, Crediton, Exeter, Okehampton and Plymouth. These centres employ a wide range of therapeutic methods, and are therefore suited to different individuals. If you’re serious about finding the most suitable drug rehab in Devon, you might have to travel to a nearby town.

Drug Rehabilitation Barnstaple, Devon

There is only one drug treatment facility in Barnstaple. It is a young person’s service, which helps drug users under 19 and children of drug abusing parents. It offers a wide range of services, including harm reduction, help with criminal justice, aftercare and community prescribing. The drug rehab in Barnstaple also offers one to one assessments and planned care interventions to help users overcome drug addiction, focusing on both physical and mental well-being. Anyone aged 19 or over looking for drug treatment in Barnstaple will have to travel further afield.

Drug Services Bideford, Devon

The only drug rehab in Bideford offers both residential and day programmes to anybody over the age of 18. The centre uses a combination of group therapy, individual therapy and active therapy to help users overcome their drug dependence. The drug treatment facility in Bideford also offers help with criminal justice interventions.

Drug Clinics Crediton, Devon

If you’re looking for drug rehabilitation in Crediton, you only have one option for treatment. They focus on people who have had a long history of drug addiction, and use a three to six month abstinence program to help them get clean. The drug rehab in Crediton uses one to one structured counselling, group sessions and community living to change their residents’ behavioural and cognitive patterns and help them get clean. They also work to change any damaging attitudes or beliefs which drive the person back to drugs.

Drug Treatment Exeter, Devon

There is only one drug treatment centre in Exeter. This centre offers harm reduction services, counselling and advice to drug users under 18 years of age and their families. The drug rehab in Exeter has a detached service, and they actively visit clients across Exeter and East or Mid Devon. You can self-refer to this centre.

Drug Programmes Okehampton, Devon

Individuals looking for drug rehab in Okehampton only have one option. The drug treatment facility in Okehampton is run by Christian group, who provide residential treatment, inpatient detoxification, structured counselling and a structured day programme. They don’t require Christian residents, but anybody staying there must accept the group’s Christian ethos. They also provide work and skills training from their large dairy farm-based centre, and accept any patients aged over 16. Families are welcome at the drug treatment centre in Okehampton, but no pets or people with a history of sexual offences.

Plymouth, Devon

There are four different centres for drug rehabilitation in Plymouth. Two of these centres are related, with one providing residential care and the other non-residential. They have similar offerings, such as structured counselling, day programs, support groups, and specialist services for men and women. The residential drug rehab in Plymouth also has facilities for inpatient detoxification, and three houses used for accommodation. They can also help with criminal justice interventions.

The other two drug treatment facilities in Plymouth have comparable services. One offers residential treatment, and has facilities for inpatient detoxification. They accept people regardless of age, and also offer structured counselling, day programmes, community prescribing (with the help of local GPs), aftercare and harm reduction services. The final drug rehab in Plymouth is a non-residential centre, and focuses on under 18s. They primarily help with a structured day programme and counselling, and also have sessions for loved ones of the affected individual.

If you’re struggling to decide which drug rehab in Devon is most suited to your needs, we can help you make the right choice. We have a detailed knowledge of the various drug treatment centres in Devon and the varying services offered by each. Drug addiction is difficult for everybody affected, and we are here to help you. Get in touch with us for some free advice!