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Drug Rehab Derbyshire

Finding out about the different treatments and services offered by each centre is absolutely vital for choosing drug rehab in Derbyshire. There are only three centres for drug treatment in Derbyshire, located in Chesterfield and Derby. This means that many patients will have to travel in order to receive treatment. We offer telephone counselling, which is a viable treatment option for some addictions and entirely removes transport costs. Two of the three drug treatment facilities in Derbyshire are located in Derby.

Drug Rehabilitation Chesterfield, Derbyshire

If you’re looking for drug rehabilitation in Chesterfield, you only have one option available to you. Unfortunately, this centre is a specialist service for under 18s, so adults will have to travel to Derby for drug treatment. They offer help with criminal justice interventions, and liaise with local GPs to offer treatments. The drug rehab in Chesterfield also offers harm reduction services such as needle exchange; designed to at least reduce the risks associated with drug use. They have one to one structured counselling, which helps users work through the issues that drove them to use drugs. A consultant child psychologist handles any prescriptions. Under 18s can use the drug treatment centre in Chesterfield without a professional referral.

Drug Treatment Derby, Derbyshire

There are two possibilities if you’re looking for drug rehab in Derby. The main drug treatment centre in Derby is open to both under and over 18s, and provides a wide range of treatments. The service starts with a full assessment of the individual’s needs. This helps the centre determine what care is needed, and based on that information they create a structured care plan. They have six onsite GPs, who can prescribe methadone or other substitutes as required. The main drug rehab in Derby also has structured day programs, featuring support groups specialising in a variety of areas, such as personal development and relapse prevention. They also have specific programs for alcohol and crack, and provide complementary therapies such as acupuncture. Harm minimisation services such as needle exchange and a whole range of criminal justice related services are also available. The centre also operates an outreach program.

The main drug treatment facility in Derby also has specialist services for under 18s. These relate to skills training, with the aim of getting the young users into work. They have a volunteer scheme, which provides training and work placements, and also have accredited training programmes. These can be undertaken on site or locally. All the drug related services are also available to under 18s, and there are work training sessions (such as IT skills) in the adult day programmes. This drug rehab in Derby offers the widest range of services across Derbyshire.

The other drug treatment facility in Derby is another branch of the main centre. They offer comparable services to anybody over 18 in the area, and also have some unique offerings. As well as providing harm minimisation advice, the other drug rehab in Derby gives safe sex advice and condoms. Like the larger centre, they start with an assessment of needs and then construct a personalised treatment programme, incorporating a wide range of services. You don’t need a specific referral to attend this Derby drug rehab.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, we can help you make the right choice regarding drug treatment in Derbyshire. We have a detailed knowledge of the different services and treatments offered at each drug rehab in Derbyshire, and can explain the options to you in plain English. Our advice is absolutely free, so don’t struggle in silence. Just pick up the phone and let us help you or your loved one get the care you need.