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Drug Rehab County Tyrone

If you’re looking for drug rehab in County Tyrone, finding out about the different options available to you is vital to making the right decision. There are four services in the area, located in Cookstown, Dungannon and Omagh. It’s important to understand your requirements when you choose a specific centre, so you should read about the drug you or your loved one is abusing to see what treatments you are likely to need. Learning about the different therapeutic models employed by the drug rehabs in County Tyrone can also help you reach a decision.

Drug Rehabilitation Cookstown, County Tyrone

There is only one service for drug rehab in Cookstown, and it mainly offers advice and general support to users and their loved ones. Information about drugs is of primary importance to this centre. They put on special events to educate people about the effects of drug use, and hold regular sessions for young people. Teenagers are their primary focus, but they can also offer assistance to parents, and have links to many other services in the area. They teach parents how to approach the issue, and also give them information about drugs and addiction. The centre will talk to users about their own use and refer them for additional help as required.

Drug Services Dungannon, County Tyrone

There are two services offering drug rehab in Dungannon, but they both use the same centre. There are different treatments available at each, however. The centre in Dungannon primarily provides counselling, and works with the Probation Board of Northern Ireland to help users in the criminal justice system. This is an addiction counselling service, which helps users identify and tackle the underlying issues which drove them to drugs. Their ordinary counselling uses the motivational interviewing approach, but access to this service is limited in Dungannon. This centre can help users of any age, but specialises in helping those aged between 12 and 25.

The other option for drug rehab in Dungannon is a 12-step, counselling orientated service. They use group counselling, and employ the 12-step, “disease” approach to addiction. The treatment takes place through regular group meetings, where users can work through the treatment programme with support from their peers.

Drug Clinics Omagh, County Tyrone

There is only one centre offering drug rehab in County Tyrone, and it is operated by the same group as the centre in Dungannon. The centre is slightly different, though, because their motivational interviewing service is much more widely available. Motivational interviewing is designed to help users increase their desire to change, and identifying the factors which motivate them to use drugs. It is still geared towards young people (aged 12-25), but users of any age are welcome. They also provide education and general counselling at this centre.

If you’re having trouble making a choice between the different options for drug rehab in County Tyrone, we provide free advice to help you reach the right decision. We have a detailed knowledge of the different options available in the local area, and can suggest the best centres for your circumstances. We’ll answer any questions you might have about treatment, and can explain the different therapeutic models to you in plain English. We know addiction is difficult for everybody affected, and we’re here to help you.