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Drug Rehab County Antrim

Learning about the different centres offering drug rehab County Antrim is absolutely vital to finding the right treatment in the area. Each centre offers a specific collection of services and may employ one of many therapeutic models. For this reason, you should have a good understanding of the requirements that the drug you or your loved one is abusing puts on rehab centres. It can also help to learn a little about the different models for treatment employed by the drug rehabs in Country Antrim. There are centres available in Carrickfergus and Belfast.

Drug Rehab Clinics in Carrickfergus, County Antrim

There is only one centre offering drug rehab in Carrickfergus. They primarily provide advice and information on drugs, and can refer users to relevant treatment centres where appropriate. The centre has a counselling service, which is an important part of any treatment program for addiction. Counselling helps users tackle the underlying issues which drove them to drugs and teaches them new coping mechanisms so they can maintain a drug free life. They also have complementary therapies such as reflexology and massage at the drug treatment centre in Carrickfergus.

Drug Counselling Belfast, County Antrim

Several different centres provide drug counselling Belfast, with the majority specialising in counselling. One of the counselling-based centres has a team of 30 psychologists, counsellors and therapists who can help with a variety of issues. As well as drug addiction, they offer assistance with stress, depression, anger and self esteem issues, which are tied to drug use in many cases. They use cognitive behavioural therapy, which is the most widely employed model for counselling. Both group and one to one sessions are available at this centre.

The other two counselling centres offering drug rehab in Belfast have similar services. One can also help with stress, anxiety and depression, and provides counselling both over the phone and face-to-face. The final counselling centre helps with a variety of issues, including drugs. Like the other centres, they can help with the underlying causes of addiction and related issues such as stress management.

There is also an option for 12-step drug rehab in Belfast. This employs the “disease” model of addiction, believing that users are genetically pre-disposed to struggle with addiction. They primarily operate out of Belfast, but there are some meetings in Lisburn. 12-step treatment mainly works through group sessions, in which users are led through the 12 steps together.

The final centre providing drug rehab in Belfast is a residential treatment centre. They use the relational model of treatment, which incorporates psycho-social approaches. Residential treatment offers 24-hour care and a supportive environment in which users can get clean. The centre treats users through a counselling-oriented programme which lasts four to eight weeks. They help users with individual and group therapy, peer support, complimentary therapies, personal development and general education. The centre also offers aftercare, and helps users aged between 18 and 65.

Choosing a specific drug rehab in County Antrim isn’t easy, and we can give you free advice to help you reach the right decision. There are very limited options for physical treatment in County Antrim, so users who will undergo serious withdrawal should think about their options carefully. The decision you make directly affects the likelihood of you or your loved one getting clean, so getting professional help is advised. We know you’re going through a difficult time, and we’re here to help you.