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Drug Rehab Cambridgeshire

Finding out about the different centres available in the local area is important if you are considering drug rehabilitation in Cambridgeshire. There are many different options for drug treatment in Cambridgeshire, with centres in Burwell, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Peterborough, St. Neots and Wisbech. Learning about each drug rehab in Cambridgeshire helps you decide which is most suitable for your needs.

Drug Rehabilitation Burwell, Cambridgeshire

There’s only one option for drug rehabilitation in Burwell, and it offers a variety of services. The drug treatment centre in Burwell primarily offers counselling; using time line therapy, motivational interviewing and hypnotherapy in their sessions. It also offers relapse prevention programmes, and has special day programmes to help users get clean. They offer support to the addict’s friends and family, and also have group counselling sessions. This drug rehab in Burwell doesn’t offer any physical help for detoxification.

Drug Clinics Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

There are three different possibilities for drug treatment in Cambridge. If you are looking for a residential facility, there is only one option. It provides general drug rehabilitation services, including assessment of needs, structured counselling, support groups for relatives, community prescribing, referral and aftercare. It has an onsite pharmacy, and their qualified medical personnel ensure safe withdrawal. This drug rehab in Cambridge allows residential treatment, and has special services for the homeless.

The other two options for drug rehabilitation in Cambridge are for people with different requirements. One Cambridge drug rehab offers a structured day programme to help addicts over the age of 16 overcome their addiction. The programme is flexible, so it can slot around the individual’s work commitments, and it’s non-residential. The other drug treatment centre in Cambridge is more focused on harm reduction, providing services like needle exchange. It assesses users’ needs, health, and provides referrals, advice and counselling – regardless of age. The primary aim of this drug rehab in Cambridge is to reduce the harm associated with drug use, and to facilitate abstinence where possible.

Drug Treatment Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

There are two different options for drug rehabilitation in Huntingdon, each offering specific services. One of them can be used as a residential centre, and offers community prescribing, inpatient detoxification and aftercare. It is staffed by medical professionals who can prescribe treatments to help people aged over 17 through withdrawal. They also have a member of staff who helps under 17s. The other option for drug treatment in Huntingdon is focused on harm reduction and counselling. At the facility, there is a needle exchange and drop-in centre, and they also offer condoms. They can help with criminal justice interventions and provide structured counselling. If you’re looking for drug rehab in Huntingdon, the choice you make should be heavily influenced by your physiological needs, because the first centre focuses entirely on the physical and the latter on the mental aspects of addiction.

Drug Cousnelling Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

There is only one drug treatment centre in Peterborough, so there aren’t many options for people who don’t want to travel. The drug rehab in Peterborough offers harm reduction services such as needle exchange and condoms, drop in sessions, help with housing or homelessness and special services for children and families. They provide access to prescriptions, one-to-one counselling, help with criminal justice and general advice on drugs and health. If you need drug rehabilitation in Peterborough, the only option available should have everything you need.

Drug Programmes St. Neots, Cambridgeshire

The only drug treatment centre in St. Neots focuses on harm reduction and counselling. They offer needle exchange and condoms to reduce the risks associated with drug use, and can be accessed through drop in sessions. They have structured counselling for users, and can also help loved ones through the difficult time. The drug rehab in St. Neots is happy to help men or women of any age.

Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

There is only one option for drug rehabilitation in Wisbech, which offers harm reduction, advice and counselling to people struggling with drugs and their loved ones. They can help with criminal justice interventions, provide structured counselling and treat addiction to prescription drugs such as diazepam. The drug rehab in Wisbech will help men or women of any age.

Choosing the right drug treatment centre in Cambridgeshire can be a difficult process, and we can help you make the right decision. We provide free advice on the different centres, the specific treatments offered and which one is most suited for your needs. We have a thorough knowledge of the options for drug rehabilitation in Cambridgeshire, and can explain the options to you in plain English. We understand that addiction is difficult for anybody affected, and we’re here to help.