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Drug Rehab Bridgend

Learning about the options available to you is an important step towards finding the right treatment. If you’re choosing a drug rehab in Bridgend, there is only one option available to you, which is located in the town of Bridgend. Finding out about the drug you or your loved one is abusing is important, because it helps to determine your treatment requirements. If you can’t travel to the drug rehab in Bridgend, then we do provide telephone counselling for a small fee. This removes any travel costs, and can serve as sufficient treatment if you or your loved one won’t experience serious physical withdrawal.

Drug Rehabilitation Bridgend

The only drug rehab in Bridgend offers both physical and psychological treatments to users of any age. They have harm reduction facilities, which are things like testing for blood-borne viruses and needle exchange sessions. These services are designed to make continued use as safe as possible. The centre can help users taking any drug, but specialise in prescription medications and steroids. Structured counselling is offered to help users overcome the underlying psychological issues which contribute to addiction, and a special service is available for young people.

If you’re having trouble deciding what the best option is for drug rehab in Bridgend, we offer free advice to help you make the right choice. We have a detailed knowledge of the centre in the local area, and the ones available in neighbouring regions. If the drug treatment facility in Bridgend isn’t suitable it’s worth considering travelling for the right treatment. We’ll assess your needs and suggest the best options for your specific circumstances. Don’t struggle through this alone; pick up the phone for some free advice!