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Drug Rehab Berkshire

Finding out about the different options for Drug Rehab Berkshire helps you reach the right decision for you or your loved one. There are options for drug rehabilitation in Reading, Newbury, Slough and Wokingham, and the various centres have different facilities and treatments. It’s helpful to understand the various therapeutic methods and what you need in a centre when you’re choosing a rehab clinic in Berkshire.

Drug Rehab Reading, Berkshire

There are a wide range of choices for drug rehabilitation in Reading. One centre offers a holistic service, encompassing physical, mental and spiritual treatments in order to help people overcome addiction. The spiritual drug treatment centre in Reading works with GPs, criminal justice authorities, day programmes, harm reduction agencies and groups like Narcotics Anonymous to provide the complete package for people struggling with addiction. They don’t use medication, and don’t believe in tranquilising the effects of withdrawal. Instead, they rely on an herbal detoxification regime used by Thai monks. They also offer options for residential drug rehabilitation.

There also is another option for residential drug rehab in Reading. The other centre treats males aged between 20 and 40 by providing a structural programme rooted in Christianity. They use a combination of one-to-one counselling, group therapy and work programmes to rehabilitate patients, led by caring staff. A different Reading drug rehab offers a structured day programme over a course of 12 weeks, if you don’t want residential care.

Different therapeutic models are represented in drug rehabilitation in Reading. One centre uses the bio-psychosocial model, offering structured counselling, brief intervention and self-detox programmes. Their programme covers relapse prevention, health awareness, drug awareness, offending behaviour, life skills and social skills. The service is flexible, and well-suited to people with other time commitments looking for drug treatment in Reading.

There is also a drug rehab in Reading which offers general rehab services. It starts treatment with an assessment to determine the needs of the patient, and then uses a combination of counselling, relapse prevention and risk management services to ensure safe rehabilitation. The centre works with GPs and pharmacies to provide community prescribing, and offers advice on drug-related issues and hepatitis vaccinations. They also have a drug treatment centre in Wokingham and one in west Berkshire. For under 25s, there is a similar drug rehab in Reading which focuses on young users.

Drug Rehab Newbury, Berkshire

There are a few different options for drug rehabilitation in Newbury. One centre provides counselling to under 18s and helps with criminal justice. It helps young substance abusers and their families with structured therapeutic sessions. For over 18s, there is a harm reduction rehabilitation program in Newbury which provides structured day programmes, needle exchange and one-to-one work to help reduce the risks associated with drug addiction and help users get clean. They also have drop-in sessions and aftercare. The last option for drug treatment in Newbury is a holistic centre which uses a detoxification programme developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand, like the similar centre in Reading. They have services for inpatient detoxification, residential rehabilitation and aftercare.

Drug Rehab Programmes Slough, Berkshire

There are a couple of choices for drug rehabilitation in Slough. One provides a mixture of harm reduction, community prescribing (working with GPs to provide treatment), structured counselling and help with criminal justice to people of any age or gender. They also provide advice and information about drugs and addiction. The other drug rehab in Slough is geared towards young people, primarily for under 18s, but with some patients up to 24. They offer similar services, including advice, harm reduction, help with criminal justice and structured counselling. There is also a drop-in facility, and access to complimentary therapies such as acupuncture. They can also provide medical care as needed.

Drug Rehab Clinics Wokingham, Berkshire

Aside from the sister centre to the Reading-based general rehab provider, there is only one option for drug rehabilitation in Wokingham. They work with any age or gender, and offer both structured counselling and general advice. However, this centre is more suitable for under 25s because are prioritised by staff. Any over 25s looking for drug treatment in Wokingham should consider the other centre, which offers community prescribing, counselling and general rehab services.

If you’re struggling to find a drug rehab in Berkshire, we can provide advice on the different therapeutic methods employed by each. Different people respond to different treatments, and we give free advice to help you choose the best drug treatment centre in Berkshire for yourself of your loved one. Reaching the right decision isn’t easy, and we are here to help you.