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Drug Rehab Bedfordshire

When you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, finding a drug rehab in Bedfordshire is the first step on the path to recovery. There are many different options for drug treatment in Bedfordshire, and finding out about the closest centres to you and the services they offer helps you come to the right decision. There are facilities for drug rehab in Luton and Bedford, each with several different centres. They offer varying services, so it’s important to learn a little about them before making your decision.

Drug Rehabilitation Bedford, Bedfordshire

There are a few different options for drug rehabilitation in Bedford. One provides general rehab services, offering help for drug users and their families or friends. They can help with detoxification, counselling, community prescribing and give advice. They have a multi-disciplinary staff, and start treatment with a thorough assessment of the individual’s needs. They provide a specialist mental health assessment and offer psychological treatment if required. This drug rehab in Bedford offers group counselling, one-to-one sessions, lets users lead their own care plans and provides a culturally-sensitive service.

Another drug treatment centre in Bedford provides drug users and their friends or family with counselling and help with addiction. The drug counselling services are offered as a structured programme or a pre-prepared day programme, and there is aftercare available to ensure a smooth transition into sober life. They use complimentary therapies, motivational interviewing, anger management groups, life skills training and counselling. Their “day” program (non-residential) is an eight week process with four counselling sessions, two group sessions and an aftercare session every week. They also have women-only sessions, and help with criminal justice. All of the services at any drug rehab in Bedfordshire are absolutely confidential.

Another drug rehab in Bedford offers access to primary care, mental health and specialist drug and alcohol services. Many services they offer are of special help to the homeless, including shelter, food, showers and laundry facilities, but they can help anybody with drugs, personal finance and mental health. They primarily offer advice and information at this drug treatment centre in Bedford, but they also monitor their clients’ health and provide access to additional help.

Drug Clinics Luton, Bedfordshire

There are also a few different options for drug treatment in Luton, each having different specialisations. You can find harm reduction services at one drug rehab in Luton, who provide priority service to sex workers and pregnant opiate users. This harm reduction service conducts a detailed assessment of their clients’ needs, and prescribes substitutes and methadone as required. They offer structured counselling, aftercare and can help with detoxification on an inpatient basis. They also provide a needle exchange service and criminal justice interventions.

There is also a residential drug rehab in Luton. The residential centre offers a structured, six month program to help both men and women overcome drug addiction. They aim to provide a positive, drug free environment in which individuals can explore their issues and make a transition to a sober life. This drug treatment centre in Luton offers group and one-to-one counselling led by trained therapists, and encourages the development of social and personal skills. There are two stages of aftercare to help clients stay sober after the residential treatment.

Users can also attend a 12 step drug rehab in Luton, which is a partially residential centre offering structured counselling, day programmes, help with detoxification and aftercare. Individuals can choose whether they want residential care or treatment on an outpatient basis. The centre has experienced, qualified staff and a positive, inclusive atmosphere. They aim to restore self-esteem and teach vital back-to-work skills, as well as helping users get clean. This drug treatment centre in Luton can also help with criminal justice interventions.

Choosing a drug rehab in Bedfordshire depends on the specific needs of you or your loved one, your location and your preferred treatment model. We offer advice on the different services available, and can give you more detailed information on the options for drug rehabilitation in Bedfordshire. If you are struggling to reach a decision, we are here to help you, and provide free advic. Call us today on 0161  4030 169.

For one to one drug counselling in Bedfordshire, see Therapist Ltd based in Luton.