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Drug Rehab Angus

Finding out about the different options for drug rehab in Angus is absolutely vital if you or a loved one is considering treatment in the area. There is only one centre available, unfortunately, which can make attending treatment difficult. We offer telephone counselling, which can be a viable alternative if you or your loved one won’t go through serious physical withdrawal. This removes the cost and inconvenience associated with travel, so can also help make treatment more affordable. The one option for drug rehab in Angus is located in Arbroath.

Drug Rehabilitation Arbroath, Angus

The only drug rehab in Arbroath provides primarily psychological treatments to help users overcome addiction. They can help anybody over the age of 16, including the friends or family of the user. They can also provide services to the loved ones of users who don’t attend their facility. The centre offers support in the form of advice and information, and can also provide aftercare to those who’ve already gone through more intensive treatment. This helps them re-integrate into society and avoid relapse. The main treatment offered by the centre is structured counselling, which helps users tackle the underlying issues which led them to addiction. You don’t need a specialist referral to attend this Arbroath drug rehab.

If you’re struggling to decide what the best treatment option is for you or your loved one, we provide free advice to help you make the right decision. Although there is only one drug rehab in Angus, we have a thorough knowledge of the centres available around the country, and can suggest alternatives to help you find the right care. This advice is completely free, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you. Finding the right treatment is an important step on the path to reco