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Drug Rehab Aberdeenshire

Learning a little bit about the various options for drug rehab in Aberdeenshire is an important step towards finding a treatment centre for yourself or your loved one. There are centres available in Fraserburgh, Inverurie and Peterhead. This article also covers the different facilities for drug treatment in Aberdeen. Each centre has an individual array of services and uses a specific therapeutic model, so you should find out what you need in a centre before you choose a drug rehab in Aberdeenshire.

Drug Rehab Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire

There are three different options for drug rehab in Aberdeen City. One of these centres offers advice and structured counselling to users of any age. Treatment starts with a needs assessment, which is used to determine the specific care required. They liaise with health professionals and relevant organisations to ensure patients receive the treatment they need. Counselling encompasses both one to one and group therapy.

There is also a harm reduction drug rehab in Aberdeen City. They offer services like needle exchange, which are designed to minimise the risks associated with drug use. They have both on-site and outreach-based needle exchanges. The centre also provides general advice, aftercare and structured counselling. They have special services for sex workers, and a project dedicated to stimulant users. People of any age can use their facilities.

The last drug rehab in Aberdeen City helps anybody over the age of 16 who is either already detoxified or on substitute medications. They have a needs-led service, which provides structured counselling and day programmes to help people tackle the issues which drove them addiction. The programme takes 12 weeks, and they also have an aftercare service. They can put users in contact with educational and vocational organisations to help them return to society.

Drug Rehab Clinics Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire

The only drug rehab in Fraserburgh helps people aged 16 or over and their loved ones by providing counselling, advice and structured day programmes. They assess patients on admission, and can refer them to other services as needed, including residential facilities, support groups, employment workers and medical facilities. The centre can also provide aftercare as required.

Drug Rehab Treatment Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

The centre offering drug rehab in Inverurie is a primarily residential facility. They provide 24 hour care, and have medical supervision to supervise detoxification. The centre employs an abstinence-based approach to recovery, and provides counselling and structured day programmes to help users with psychological issues. The centre can be used for inpatient detoxification alone, and also offers aftercare. Anybody aged 16 or over is welcome to use this centre.

Drug Rehabilitation Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

Anybody looking for drug rehab in Peterhead only has one option available. It is a psychological service, offering only counselling and structured day programmes to help users aged 16 and upwards overcome addiction. They provide general advice and support, and can help users with the criminal justice system. If the user will undergo serious withdrawal with the specific drug they are taking, it is advised to find some medical assistance as well as counselling.

If you’re having trouble making a decision regarding drug rehab in Aberdeenshire, we can help you reach the right decision. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different facilities available in the area, and can suggest the best options for your specific needs. Every drug comes with its own set of risks, and finding the right care keeps the path to recovery free of unaddressed obstacles. Our service is absolutely free, so get in touch with us and see how we can help you.