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Drug Rehab Cornwall

Finding out about the different centres and the treatments they offer is vital to choosing a drug rehab in Cornwall. There are six different drug treatment centres in Cornwall, found in Hayle, Liskeard, Truro, Redruth and Penzance. These offer a variety of services, from 12 step programmes to harm reduction. You should ideally learn a little about the different models of treatment before you choose any specific programme for drug rehab in Cornwall.

Drug Rehab in Hayle, Cornwall

There is only one option for drug rehabilitation in Hayle. It is a residential centre which employs the 12 step approach to treatment. It doesn’t have any medical facilities, making it unsuitable for use as a detoxification centre. Anybody over 18 is welcome to the drug rehab in Hayle, but the centre can only take 14 people at a time. You can refer yourself, and they give priority to people from Cornwall. They have a professional team who are on hand 24 hours a day to assist their residents, and also offer aftercare. There aren’t any non-residential drug treatment centres in Hayle, so people not interested in residential care will have to travel further afield.

Drug Rehab in Liskeard, Cornwall,

The only drug treatment centre in Liskeard is part of a larger group which also owns centres in Truro and Penzance. They primarily offer counselling, and they are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychology. The drug rehabilitation centre in Liskeard has structured counselling, day programmes and residential rehabilitation facilities. People of any age or gender are welcome, and they have a specialised service for children and young adults. This centre can provide information and advice, and is happy to help both addicts and their loved ones. There is also a weekly support group at this drug rehab in Liskeard.

Drug Rehab in Redruth, Cornwall

There is only one drug treatment centre in Redruth. It is a non-residential centre, which links to other services in the community to ensure that each individual receives the care he or she needs. They have structured day programmes, provide advice and information, and also offer aftercare. The day programmes are the main focus of the centre, and it uses a combination of activities, group work, projects and individual counselling. The drug rehab in Redruth believes in abstinence, not harm prevention, and therefore focus on stopping their patients from using altogether.

Drug Rehab in Truro, Cornwall

There are two options for drug rehab in Truro, one of which is linked to the centres in Liskeard and Penzance. This centre provides the same services as its sister centres, such as residential rehab, day programmes, and structured counselling sessions. They have support groups every week, and have a specialist service for younger patients.

The other drug treatment centre in Truro provides harm reduction services, counselling and general advice to drug users and their loved ones. They help users of any age or gender, and can even arrange home visits for those struggling with transport. There is a needle exchange, which helps curb the spread of infectious disease by providing clean needles to drug users. They boast a friendly service, and you don’t need a specialist referral to attend. Counselling is the primary form of help offered at this drug rehab in Truro.

Drug Rehab in Penzance, Cornwall

There is only one option for drug rehabilitation in Penzance, and it is the same service also found in Liskeard and Truro. They offer individual and group counselling sessions, have facilities for residential care and a specialist service for children and young adults. The drug rehab in Penzance can help with criminal justice intervention and can also provide aftercare.

If you or your loved one is looking for a drug treatment centre in Cornwall, we can help you reach the right decision. We have a detailed knowledge of the different treatment models they employ, and can explain the options to you in clear, simple terms. If you are struggling to decide which drug rehab in Cornwall is right for you, get in touch for some free advice.